Core Values: Where Competence & Commitment Meet

A firm’s culture is the expression of core values - a set of beliefs held by the individuals at the top of the organization, flowing through all levels of the corporate environment.

Culture is what happens in the Alpha Mechanical, Inc. universe every day, a rich fabric woven of the threads of conversations, tasks, projects involving staff, clients and the professionals of various disciplines who support us.

In the design and construction industry, Alpha Mechanical is viewed by clients and colleagues as a firm committed to the values of integrity, reliability,
cooperation and competence. Successful in business and life, trusted to uphold professional standards,
theirs is a reputation based in fact—this is the Alpha Mechanical “brand.”

With these internalized values, we are able to focus on where to spend time, money and mindshare.


is what the members of the firm promise and deliver to their clients and the community. Alpha Mechanical serves our employees as well by providing the opportunity to grow professionally, to take measured risks and to take swift, corrective action when a better way is found.


is the measure of technical expertise and talent expressed in the pursuit of providing the best possible product. Ability, competency and production are celebrated, recognized and encouraged.


are the result of the interpersonal skills required to work in a collaborative environment where the goal is to create value beyond price. The opportunity to feel a part of the organization nurtures loyalty, responsibility, a sense of “family” and trust.


are fearlessly tackled with a willingness to discuss a broad band of concepts that may range from client care, emerging markets and advances in technology to educational opportunities or community outreach. By encouraging everyone to have a voice, we have a chance to hear a new idea, a fresh viewpoint and unique solutions. We grow.


For every project, for every person, for every team, the essential question should be, “did we give 100% today?” As participants in a highly-competitive, important and fulfilling profession, what is our contribution, our enduring commitment? At the end of the day, we want to know that we were good stewards of our craft.

“Logistics, scheduling and cost control were critical aspects of Building 7515 at MCAS Miramar. Alpha Mechanical had the right staffing, devised innovative scheduling that supported other trades and effectively brought cost-control measures to the project.”

Justin Vander Werff, Vice President – Peter Vander Werff Construction