Safety is our first responsibility and a way of life at Alpha Mechanical, Inc.

It is this culture that ensures that our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is consistently well below the industry average. Our lost-time injuries for the last several years are zero.

A few of the many ways Alpha implements our safety program are departmental safety officers, OSHA compliance, safety orientations for new hires, competent-persons training, a drug-free workplace, a well-maintained fleet and annual defensive driving courses. We thoroughly outline our safety compliance program through an injury, illness and prevention (IIP) plan that standardizes accident-reporting procedures, hazard-analysis, injury and medical issues as well as workplace violence.


Active participation and adherence to programs is a requirement of every employee. All employees are trained in general and job-specific safety and health practices, rules, regulations and OSHA standards. We also have a strong policy to promote a work environment free from illicit drugs, unauthorized use of controlled substances and alcohol abuse.

Procedural Compliance

All employees are held accountable for their actions and can be reported by any employee if they are not following safety protocols. A formal accident-reporting procedure is in place. All accidents are reported directly to the department manager and/or safety officer and reviewed by the safety committee. The safety committee awards employees who have an outstanding safety record.

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Leadership and Communication

Managers are responsible for communicating safety and health information in a form readily understandable by all employees. An activity hazard analysis (AHA) is created for each project. This worksheet outlines projectspecific safety hazards and is used as an onsite safety orientation for all employees.

Weekly safety meetings are held on site for ongoing projects. Daily, weekly and periodic written jobsite inspections are carried out and monthly safety housekeeping inspections are also performed. Employees can inform project managers and superintendents of workplace hazards using the employee safety and health suggestion form. Every complaint and report is investigated by the safety committee.

Hazard Prevention and Control

Project sites are safeguarded against hazardous work conditions. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are a part of the compulsory safety books on all job sites. Alpha Mechanical provides an annual certification statement to the Hazardous Materials Division of the Department of Environmental Health.

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Environmental Safety

Alpha Mechanical adheres to Good International Industry Practice in minimizing and controlling air pollution, including construction dust and debris. Fleet air pollution is controlled through annual smog checks and proper vehicle maintenance with weekly driver reports. Alpha adheres to OSHA and ASHRAE recommended ventilation rates in building design—we practice energy conservation initiatives within our own building—and we follow water conservation, storm and wastewater, and hazardous-waste handling plans.

Continuous Improvement

Comprised of department heads, the CFO and the COO, the safety committee meets monthly to discuss any accidents and potential safety hazards, to review in-house and onsite safety programs, and to determine improvements. The committee also reviews all updates to OSHA standards. Our insurance department also reviews and assists in any plan revisions needed to ensure OSHA compliance and risk management.