The History of Alpha Mechanical, Inc.

America afforded an opportunity to build a different kind of company, one based on stringent internal standards, highest quality service and delivery of value added solutions.

Boris Barshak was a Ukrainian émigré in 1991, with a master’s degree in Engineering and Construction Management and ten years of heavy construction experience. In the European style, designers and builders, classroom and fieldwork were symbiotic. For a young man new to America, failure wasn’t an option and hard work was rewarded. Boris performed so well on a variety of projects that required both technical and practical experience he believed that he could take the next step and venture out to start his own company. His principles, views and values are the foundation of Alpha Mechanical’s culture and have brought prosperity and growth. He smiles when he says overnight success only took 20 years to achieve.

A Changing Environment

In today’s volatile business environment – one influenced by global economies – it is critical to be able to adapt to evolving customer needs and market demands. Our specialty services meet the unique mechanical challenges of complex applications, such as those in life science research and military facilities. Alpha Mechanical’s comprehensive HVAC, plumbing, and process piping expertise makes us a trusted partner. In fact, more than 80% of our customers are repeat clients.