Fabrication Services

Alpha Mechanical maintains a large-scale fabrication facility at our San Diego headquarters which allows the company to customize the manufacturing of certain mechanical components as well as prefabricate mechanical assemblies away from the project site.

The benefits of an offsite fabrication shop are numerous – including better quality, enhanced productivity, lower costs, reduced construction-site congestion, accelerated field-installation schedules and improved project safety. Utilizing the most advanced equipment and incorporating BIM and fabrication software to maximize manufacturing and assembly capabilities, the shop is divided into four basic areas that include sheet metal, hydronic piping, plumbing and a certified, controlled clean-room fabrication facility.

sheet metal fabrication services

Sheet Metal

Offering state of the art equipment that is integrated with BIM production software programs, we perform custom sheet-metal fabrication such as ductwork, roof-curb equipment and volume dampers. The results are materials that are built to customers’ unique specifications, improved quality, greater attention to detail, on-time delivery and minimized installation time.

hydronic piping services san diego

Hydronic Piping

Alpha prefabricates much of its hydronic piping to improve the quality and installation efficiency of hot and chilled-water systems. From valve packages and grooved assemblies to finished equipment skids complete with chillers, boilers, and associated piping – all can be prefabricated and shipped to a project site for installation with a single point of connection.

plumbing fabrication san diego


Using BIM models created by our detailers, plumbing assemblies such as fixture carriers and in-wall assemblies are prefabricated in the Alpha shop and shipped to the project site for just-in-time materials delivery and installation.

clean room services san diego

Clean Room

Alpha Mechanical maintains a competitive edge with differentiating advances like the clean-room fabrication area located within our own shop. This fabrication area meets the highest clean-room criteria in an environment in which air quality, temperature and humidity are completely controlled. Specialty piping can be cut, assembled with appropriate specialty valves, packed and tagged for transport to a project site where no further cleaning is required for installation in a customer’s clean room.